Dreaming about

Working Abroad?

How do you prepare for the process and the cultural impact?

OR are you working in an international environment and need to increase you cultural skills?

Get ready for

An International Career

Companies want to get the best candidate when investing hugh amounts in a relocation. You need the professional skills, some language foundation and probably some cultural training.

Whatelse is needed? What is more important when it comes to your mindset to be able to have a great time during an assignment abroad.

How do you avoid ending up in what is known as a “Failed relocation” ?

How can you start preparing for this part of your career?

Depending on your situation, I can help you plan for how to prepare in other areas than your core job compentences.

Job Offer abroad

Go or Not?

If you got a job offer for an assignment abroad…..


How do you decide? What information do you need to make the decision? How do you know, what questions to ask yourself ? ..and others?

What are the most important issues to consider? How do you know if you are ready?

How do you get an overview of the consequences of the decision?

What should you discuss with your spouse?

All assignments are different, as they are complex; hence personality, timing, situation, etc.

You can talk to others, but somehow, that is not enough.

Invest in talking to a Pro

You will not regret it.

Productivity in

Culturally Diverse Teams

If your team or company is culturally mixed, cultural training will benefit your productivity SIGNIFICANTLY.

Normally, the dominating culture (local culture or company homeland origin) may not be aware of an issue or possible potential for the team being more productive.

However, if your company has not investigated in this potential, you have a hidden resource waiting. When everyone gets a frame and new awareness this leads to job satisfaction among all staff.

Consciousness and tangible tools improves communication smooth reduce  misunderstanding, misinterpretations and stress.

How are you challenged in your culture?

The Blues?

Not Quite what you expected?

Are you struggling in your new culture? Or in a diverse team?

Do you feel alone and foreign?

How are things with your partner?

It is quite normal to be overwhelmed and go into culture shock. However, it is very important to get on the path to recovery.

If you have negative thoughts and are questioning, if you have made the right decision to move, you may need a push towards recovery.

Or maybe you are  just short of a tool, that may help you.

Let’s talk and get you back on track.


Ready for

Working Globally?

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Bespoke Training

If you have special needs in a group or a team,  please do not hesitate to contact me.

Helle H farve Rund

Helle Herstad Lauridsen

How can I help?

At 18 I lived and worked  in New York.

Since then I have lived and worked in 7 countries on 3 continents.

I am certified coach and I developed the service module for MIM @ EuRA, the internationale Relocation Association.

As CEO for a Startup relocation company, I have personally helped  hundreds of Expats settle in Danmark. Also I have helped many singles and families in preparing for moving abroad as well as repatriating.

I am sure I can help you too.


HOUSE OF RELOCATIONceo(now AspireMobility)
RADISSON BLUconference coordinatorDK
ICSproject managerDK
JAIhead sales secretaryDK
DFFdestination managerSpain (Mallorca)
DFFdestination managerSpain (Tenerife)
DFFdestination manager (I)Spain (Grand Canaria)
DFFtrainer rep schoolMalta
DFFdestination managerVenezuela
DFFrep Danish AgentPortugal
SAS Airlineseconomy deptDK
AIFSau pairNY, USA


(relevant to Expat Coaching)
ICF Coach, Business & LifeManning Inspire
Enneagram PractitionerThink about it
EQR2EuRA Relocation Association
Projection CoachingLone Lund
Aperian GlobalCultural Dimensions
Global Mobility Specialist (GMS)WERC Certification
DISC, BasisOnline
EASI MasterMaster Denmark
Behavioral ScienceBRO
e.g. Cultivator

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