Online Yoga & Mindfulness instructor,


Main Project

During the pandemic, Stinas facebook page went to more than 4000 members. Stina wanted to convert content and members to her website to gain more control of all of the above.

Design and implement online univers for members paying subscription

  • Automated processes
    • New members
    • Subscriptions – online paid
    • Ticket – Sale
    • Online payments
      • The subcontrator went bankrupt
    • Bookings for session in autoflow and statistics
    • Minimizing administration
    • Integration of WooCommerce Subcription & WooCommerce Membership

Other Projects

  • Strategy and PR
  • Re-organising content for members
  • Design, implementing and optimizing of video library
  • Workflow optimizing with SCRUM principles

Other Services


  • Advisory and sparring
  • Executive coaching
  • Coordination and monitoring of subcontractors


Weekly virtual meetings – some weeks more meetings per week. In person meetings monthly.

Duties: backend uptime and UX flows.

Start Februry 2021 – primo 2022

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Stina Bavnhoj


Toftemosevej 21 th
3100 Hornbæk, Danmark
Direct: +45 6170 3173

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